“Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation: Health is a Human Right”

  1. Maternal and Women’s Health
  2. Newborn and Child health
  3. Communicable and Non Communicable Diseases
  4. Elderly Health
  5. Mental health and Wellbeing
  6. Sexual and Reproductive Health
  7. Disaster Risk Management for Health
  8. Health Education
  9. Management and Health Services
  1. Inspiring Nurse in outreach services
  2. Innovative Program in Improving Health Care Accessibility
  3. Outreach Nurse in Worlwide: Contribution and Challenges
  4. The Role of WHO in ensuring the Quality of Preservice Education
  5. Faculty of Nursing Universitas Indonesia’s Contribution for healthy nation
  6. Healthy nurse management
  1. Participatory Action Research (PAR)
  2. Case Report
  3. Randomized Controlled Trial
  4. Effective Oral Presentation