Congratulation to all participants who already get acceptance notification from us, and can present your paper on our conference after submitting the revision of your paper.

The revision submission can be done after you have uploaded the payment proof. Please upload the payment proof through our website by clicking (⇒ this link ⇐).

Submission can be done through your accounts respectively. The submission deadline will be on the next Friday, 2 November 2018.

How to check your Paper:

1. Login -> Go to My Account -> Click » Author

2. On Active Submissions page click Archive

3. After click the Archive button, click again the Title of your paper

4. And you will be on the Summary page. On this page click the Review button

5. In this Review page, you will see files that are uploaded by Reviewer for you, as a note for your further revision.

How to Submit your Revision:

Submission consist of (two seperate uploads on Upload Author Version)

1. For Abstract : change the title with the following format: abstract#ID Number
( example: abstract#19798 )

2. For Full Paper : change the title with the following format:  paper#ID Number
( example: paper#19798 )

After rename the file, please upload here (still on Review page):

Each participant has to choose one of four topics of workshop, which will be held on the first day of the conference. The chosen topic of workshop can be seen and chosen by clicking (⇒ this link ⇐).





Nursing Preceptorship at the Clinical Frontline in the Practice Setting

DR. Mustafa M.E. Bodrick RN, RPsyN, RNEd, RNAdm, MPH (Maastricht), MSc (Nursing), PhD (Wits).


Understanding Randomised Controlled Trial

Professor Patricia Davidson, PhD, MEd, RN, FAAN.


Parcipatory Action Research (PAR)

Helen Brooks, PhD, MRes, BSc & Prof. Karina Lovell


How to Write a Clincal Case Report

Dr. dr. Wresti Indriatmi, SpKK (K)